Living Tables 


Roving Champagne Skirts



The Jackson Pollock Living Table
The Jackson Pollock Living Table greeting guests with a glass of champagne as they enter the event.

          Living Tables and Roving Champagne Skirts are a surreal yet functional way to present hors d'oeuvers, desserts, place cards, or party favors.  There's no better way to create a festive mood then to have our living buffet tables offer your guests their first cocktail or appetizer.

                All costumes are custom designed for each individual theme or event.


"Mr. Z was a big hit in his champagne table serving the guests!"
We know just what to do when serving your guests!!!
Jackson Pollock living table entertaining guests at birthday party.
Weddings and champagne skirts do go together!
"House of Cards" girl serving champagne at the Bolger Center, Potomac, MD 

Our roving champagne skirt serving up a special drink!
Alice, the living card table, meeting and greeting the guests on New Year's Eve!

Pop Art at its best!
Look what else we found in the Pyramids! King Tut, the living table. 
It was all about New Orleans and Mardi Gras!   
Down on the farm in Dallas!
Mr. Z was on hand for a meet and greet with champagne!
Weddings and champagne!
Serving up some cigars!
It's all about the Red, White and Blue!
Home on the range!
Cirque and champagne!
The Queen of the Nile!

The Unicorns
The Ice Princesses
Let the games begin!

The Snow Queen Champagne Skirt

The Aliens have landed!

Living Tables and Champagne Skirts are a whimsical addition to any event.



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